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Year 9 Drama: Growing Up

Year 9 Drama: Growing Up

Growing Up

Growing Up 

Our childhood memories are special for us throughout our lives. 

We will all experience highs and lows, happiness, achievements, illness, sadness and loss in our lives.

In the good times and the bad times we can all find inspiration

in the lyrics of songs, the words from poetry or a favourite book.

 You may find an inspirational quote in these resources.


Body Image

Identity: Short Film  - "Today I found the Truth"

What is the truth?

Music Videos

Quotes, Song Lyrics

Growing Up  

Pinterest has many great sources for quotes, lyrics and images that have made an impact on us and some of them have had significant impact on society locally and globally. 

Pinterest: explore song quotes

Picture Quotes

Brainy Quote: Quotes from famous authors, celebrities or in the news

11 Powerful Song Lyrics That Changed Our Lives Forever

War What's going On? Song Lyrics from the Original Motown Musical

Self Awareness: Positive Affirmations

Reachout: developing positive self talk

Making Decisions - dealing with problems

Watch the videos below to find out how some other Year 9 students made a decision to solve a problem.

What I did - my solution

Childhood Memories

Childhood memories    

What childhood memories do you have of Playschool or your favourite TV show?

Some of our favourite childhood stories were written by Australian author, Mem Fox, such as "Possum Magic."

Watch the video of Wilfrid Gordon McDonald Partridge read aloud to discover how a little boy used some of his hidden treasures to bring back an old lady's memories.

Poem:The Child Within Me

The Child Within Me by Naomi Wattchow    Age 15

She beckons

She lures

She calls

Softly chanting my name…


My eyelids flicker

Surroundings become a blur of colour…

Then sharp focus returns

Sears through my head

Pen to paper

Persecuting myself

Brain Throbbing.


She spins through my mind

Leaving a white path of simple


Harsh red light of my bedside clock

Bluntly reflects my exhaustion.


I surrender

A gaping black yawn swallows my thoughts

I tumble into my bed

Soothing silk against my cheek…


My eyes melt into blissful warmth

I am whirled into oblivion

My inner self awakens

Flashing through echoes of memories

Reality and dreams meld

Past present and future become indistinct.


She twists and snakes

Gambols and frolics

Turns and twirls

Creating dreams of colour and vibrance

Like music playing in my mind.

She explores infinite depths

Inescapable blackness

Paralysing fear


A single sorrowful notes resonates



She flows like a river crashing over falls

 Swirling down unknown paths

Lengthening, deepening Encompassing.


Sleep awakens the child within me

Poems by Young Australians. (2007). 5th ed. Sydney: The Taronga Foundation Poetry Prize, pp.pp. 68 - 69.