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Year 9 English: Genre Reading Unit

We use the term genre to categorise or group stories based on similar features. These groups are fluid and dynamic, meaning stories may contain elements of more than one genre.

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Mystery fiction explained with Prezi

Fantasy Fiction -Book trailer

The book trailer for Rick Riordan's series Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard. Book One, The Sword of Summer

Genre Definitons

Fantasy is a fiction genre. Stories that take place in imaginary worlds where magic and magical creatures are common.

Horror is a genre of fiction that is intended to or has the capacity to frighten, scare, disgust, or startle its readers or viewers by inducing feelings of horror and terror. Themes often include spooky characters or supernatural events.


The mystery genre is a type of fiction in which a detective, solves a crime or series of crimes. It can take the form of a novel or short story. This genre may also be called a detective or crime novels. Stories that are full of suspense with a puzzling event that is not usually solved until the end.

This short clip explains the elements adopted when writing a mystery story. (1:38 minutes).

‚ÄčHumourous fiction is a genre in which the main emphasis is on humour. These books are designed to make the reader laugh through amusement and most often work by exaggerating characteristics for humorous effect. Books in this style traditionally have a happy ending.
Tristan Bancks author of teen and kids books gives some useful writing tips.

Stories in which the characters go on an exciting adventure, where often there is danger and physical action.

Speculative fiction is a broad category of fiction encompassing genres with certain elements that do not exist in the real world, often in the context of supernatural, futuristic, or other imaginative themes. Speculative fiction may include elements of one or more of the following genres:

Science Fiction – a broad genre of fiction that often involves speculations based on current or future science or technology.

Steam Punk - Usually set in an anachronistic Victorian or quasi-Victorian alternate history setting. It could be described by the slogan "What the past would look like if the future had happened sooner." 

Dystopia - a form of literature that explores social and political structures. It is a creation of a nightmare world - unlike its opposite, Utopia, which is an ideal world.

Utopia - an ideal community or society possessing a perfect socio-politico-legal system. 

Genre - Understanding different genres

Genre is a great way of communicating what type of story a novel, film or text is. Understanding different genres – the structure and style, tone and mood, and how a particular text conforms to or challenges the generic conventions – helps us to analyse the text and draw out themes. Australian authors Amra Pajalic, Angela Savage, Gabrielle Wang and Tony Wilson discuss the genres they write within.

Horror/Gothic Fiction

This clip explores a range of writing styles, including using a series of letters to develop a narrative, structuring a narrative concentrically, and the inclusion of Gothic elements like horror, suspense, and poetic descriptions of wild, remote settings. (7:33 minutes).

Bod is an unusual boy who inhabits an unusual place-he's the only living resident of a graveyard. Raised from infancy by the ghosts, werewolves, and other cemetery denizens, Bod has learned the antiquated customs of his guardians' time as well as their timely ghostly teachings-like the ability to Fade. Can a boy raised by ghosts face the wonders and terrors of the worlds of both the living and the dead? And then there are things like ghouls that aren't really one thing or the other.(

Dive into the stories of horror savant H.P. Lovecraft, whose fantastical tales, such as “The Call of Cthulhu,” created a new era of Gothic horror. (Ted Ed. 5 minutes)

How to build a story

How to build a story

ABC Education resource. Topics covered include : - Plot, genre, characters, language.

Bildungsroman definition

Enola Holmes

                            The Case of the Missing Marquess by Nancy Springer

The first book in the Enola Holmes series.

When Enola Holmes, sister to the detective Sherlock Holmes, discovers her mother has disappeared, she quickly embarks on a journey to London in search of her. But nothing can prepare her for what awaits. Because when she arrives, she finds herself involved in the kidnapping of a young marquess, fleeing murderous villains, and trying to elude her shrewd older brothers - all while attempting to piece together clues to her mother's strange disappearance. Amid all the mayhem, will Enola be able to decode the necessary clues and find her mother?

Enola Holmes - Trailer

What is Gothic Literature

Magical Realism