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This Libguide has been created for students studying Twentieth Century History

Year 11 History Libguides

Twentieth Century History: These subject guides provide resources to support your research.

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Malone, Richard. Analysing Twentieth Century History. 1st ed. Port Melbourne, vic.: Cambridge University Press, 2015. 

Books in the Catalogue

Twentieth Century History: Parts 1 & 2



Part 1: Competing Ideologies of Post - World War II Capitalism and Communism during The Cold War.

Unit 1 1918 - 1939

Part 1 examines Ideology and change in Russia, Japan, Germany and Italy.


Part 2: Challenge and Change - Anti - Apartheid Movement in South Africa and Civil Rights Campaigns in the United States.

Unit 2 1945 - 2000

Part 2 studies social and cultural changes in Germany and the United States


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