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Research Made Easy: Research Resources

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The Research Process

The Research Process can be used to break your assignment into smaller, manageable parts:
ERGO: State Library of Victoria provides Research Skills a comprehensive guide on the research process Study skills and Essay Writing skills.


Padua College uses the APA system of referencing sources of information.

A brief reference should be made within the text of your assignment, but full bibliographic details are provided in a Bibliography at the end, it must be presented on a new page. This list must include all books, journal articles, websites and other resources that you have referred to in your assignment.

Remember to select APA style of references for your assignments.


Digital Resources




ERGO: EXPLORE HISTORY units cover the history of Melbourne, Victoria and Australians at War.



FUSE: Connects Secondary Students to digital resources on curriculum topics





 The ConversationIn-depth analysis of research, news and ideas from leading academics and researchers






ABC EDUCATIONVideos, Digibooks, audio and media resources on curriculum topics.


Sorting Fact from Fiction on the Internet


How to sort out fact from fiction when researching on the internet - Fact Check

Secretly biased sitesviral hoaxes on Instagram

fake photos that look 100% real

no matter how digitally savvy you are

the web is full of false info

Ask a Librarian

To ask a librarian for help with your research