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Padua College Home: Senior study skills

Effective Study Skills

Creating a study space at home


  • Choose appropriate furnishings
  • Have everything you need close at hand
  • Make it comfortable
  • Place mobile phone in another room
  • Prevent distractions eg) study away from TV
  • If possible choose a quiet location

Focus a wandering mind

Most of us have difficulty concentrating at one time or another. This infographic provides some helpful tips to improve your focus.

Tips and tricks for online study


8 Study Tips For Online Learners
  • Understand online learning practices and expectations
  • Make sure that you have reliable internet access
  • Identify your learning objectives and goals
  • Build a study plan
  • Ask for help when you need it
  • Review, revise, repeat
  • Take study breaks
  • Create a designated area for study

Some great study tips - State Library of Victoria

 Make study a habit – do your homework, essay writing or revision around the same time each day.

Managing your time

Good study habits

Set yourself goals


A little bit of stress can help motivate you, but too much makes it hard to get anything done. Luckily, there are lots of ways to deal with situations that cause stress.

In this section you'll find out about:


 It's easy to feel overwhelmed by the thought of sitting exams. Luckily, with some basic planning and preparation, exams can be much less stressful.

In this section you'll find out about:

Time flies - Time management tips

Ray Roundtree skills coach extraordinaire. Check out this light-hearted clip for some useful study tips. (7 minutes.)

Taking great notes

How to take great notes:


  • In order to retain information you need to store it - taking notes is a great way to store information for a later time
  • Take notes in your own words
  • Condense information when note-taking
  • Convert text into diagrams, flow charts etc 

Taking Notes: Crash Course Study Skills (see YouTube video embedded below)

Different note-taking styles - highlighting and annotating text; copy and paste then summarise; on-line note-taking applications


7 Steps to create a concept map